Blacka Dig Days

After last years successful work on the Devils Elbow Bridleway on Blacka, the Wildlife Trust has some more bits of work planned to improve a couple of spots of drainage and fill in a couple of sections that got missed out or have work away since the initial work.

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Blacka Trail Day this Saturday

The Wildlife Trust are going to be up on Blacka this Saturday doing some maintainance to the bridleways up there – carrying out some repairs on the winter damaged Bridleways. After the great work that has been done by you lot over the past few trail days they are keen to get us on board again.

If you’re free this Saturday and want to give a little back, here is all the information you need from the Wildlife Trust…. Continue reading

Blacka Dig Day – Devils Elbow

The excellent work that was done by the Wildlife Trust and assisted by us last year has had a bit of time to settle, it had also had quite a bit of rain on it (particularly in the last couple of weeks).

So we thought it would be a good idea to go up and have a look at how the work has bedded in, clear out the drains and do what we need to keep it running sweetly and draining well. Continue reading

Devil’s Elbow – Dig Day 2.0

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go……
A Saturday morning in October and four mountain bikers are in their natural environment, Blackamoor’s superb Devil’s Elbow, doing the most unnatural things.  Nothing illegal mind, it’s just that where they’d normally be heading downhill, for once they’re reduced to labouring uphill pushing a wheelbarrow, a downright evil way to spend a sunny Saturday. Continue reading