Cliffhanger 2013 – With Added Biking

Cliffhanger_logo_new_2013This weekend is the Cliffhanger festival; and this years is set to be bigger and better than ever. Add in the amazing forecast for the weekend a beer tent and its all looking good for an awesome weekend!

This year see’s even more biking added to the programme and even gives you the opportunity to race too! Here are some of the highlights for you…. Continue reading

Peaty’s Steel City Downhill – so much fun, it should be illegal…..


Start line nerves….

Another Steel City downhill and, crikey, The Force was strong in this one. The Dark Lord Himself, Darth Peaty had issued an ultimatum to the weather gods and, intimidated, they’d capitulated with a month of dry weather prior to the race. Day after day, racers practiced, interrupted occasionally by the Ride Sheffield trail fairies a’fettling and a’shaping, beautifying the berms and tidying the transitions. Come the day, the pessimists of the Met Office were proved wrong yet again as the sun shone and the track stayed snuff dry all day.

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Peak Punisher

topbar18_resizedMore and more mountain bikers are taking to the road at the moment, either for a change from the current swampy trails or because of inspiration from Brad or even because it just seems less taboo these days to be seen on skinny tyres. So if you fancy taking part in a locally organised event for a local charity then the Peak Punisher looks like a great event. More event from the organisers….. Continue reading

Blacka Planned Maintainance – Piper House Gate

The work that is planned for Piper House Gate Bridleway will be starting this Thursday. We have been asked to tell people to stay off it while the work is being done, particularly on a night.
We have been told that the work being done will be much more sensitive than other council jobs, more akin to the other work that has been done on Blacka. We will also be heading up there to help with a bit of finishing if required. Any feedback after completion is welcome, but just keep off it for now, thanks.

Blacka Moor – Planned Maintainence

Some have you might have already seen these signs going up on Blacka in the past few days. So it seemed best to give a bit more detail on what is planned.

Blacka is a favourite spot for many Sheffield mountain Bikers and quite rightly so, it offers some fantastic riding right on the doorstep and some may say a couple of the best trails in the Peak. So it was with a little concern that we heard about the planned work. Continue reading