Ride, Chat and Feedback: The RADtax Social

There are always a number of ideas and projects on the go at Ride Sheffield, big and small, long term and short term, but one that has been slowly building over the past eighteen months has been RADtax. This is an idea that is crucial to the long term prospects of successful, sustainable (and growing) mountain biking in Sheffield.

While other ideas may be a bit more exciting or glamorous or have the outcome of a new trail, for example, this has the potential to make a very big positive impact on the riding in the area. However, it is still currently a work in progress and to make sure that it is done in a way that benefits local riders and means that more people want to be part of it, we want your thoughts and feedback on it. Continue reading

The Magnificent Seven

m7Blessed as we are by hills and cyclists, it’s a wonder that no one has come up with this idea before. Take seven (road) hills in Sheffield, sort out a route between each one and organise an escort for the riders to give them a hassle free route, then at the base of each hill unleash a mass start hill climb with points going to the top 10 riders. Then repeat another 6 times until you find the winner. Sort of an upside down roadie enduro with perhaps a little more suffering.

If that sounds like your thing (and why wouldn’t it) then the information to enter is below. It should also provide an entertaining spectacle for those less inclined to race. It would be great to support an event that is the first of its kind in the UK. Full details follow below Continue reading

When is it too wet to ride?

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREInspired by Vertebrate Graphics excellent idea to publish a weather proof route, in order to encourage riders to think a little more about where they are riding when the conditions are poor. But it also raised the question “when is a trail too wet to ride?”

Here is VG’s take on things….

Like the rest of the country, the Peak has taken a pounding thanks to this wet and mild weather, and unfortunately many of the area’s bridleways and byways are suffering more than they usually would in a typical winter. Continue reading

’RE:Cycle Ride’ Cycle Challenge – 6th October

018Mental Health charity Recovery Enterprises are holding the inaugural sponsored ’RE:Cycle Ride’ cycle challenge on the 6th October with routes through the stunning Peak District landscape.

Recovery Enterprises, based in Sheffield, helps to support people with mental health needs to develop enterprising ideas to benefit their mental health and to enable them to fulfil their ambitions. Continue reading

Peak Punisher

topbar18_resizedMore and more mountain bikers are taking to the road at the moment, either for a change from the current swampy trails or because of inspiration from Brad or even because it just seems less taboo these days to be seen on skinny tyres. So if you fancy taking part in a locally organised event for a local charity then the Peak Punisher looks like a great event. More event from the organisers….. Continue reading

No Balls Biking

No Balls Biking is a new women’s only MTB group that has been set up in Sheffield, by  riders who have been inspired by women’s only events such as Stilettos on Wheel and want to create a similar vibe for just general riding.

No Balls Biking is a new group for women interested in biking.The idea with this group is to involve all types of rider from beginner to gnarly pinner in all types of cycling whether it is long distance XC or family leisure rides but in an all women environment (safety in numbers) with no pressure to keep up, go fast or attempt crazy speeds or tech. Hopefully there will be regular rides, social meets and more involvement within the Sheffield riding community when it comes to trail maintenance, road safety and dig days. Beware… There may be women with shovels!! Continue reading

Women’s Ride

A womens only ride is something we have been trying to do for quite a while, but always struggle to find the right date that suited all. But finally with the longer and warmer evenings we finally have a date for you….

On Thursday the 14th of June you need to be getting yourself down to the Hunters Bar roundabout entrance to Endcliffe Park for 6:30pm. The ride is being led by Sue Duke and stilettos on Wheels Emma Peasland. Continue reading