Managing Public Rights of Way for Quality Mountain Biker Experiences

Last November we put out a shout for local rider, racer and all round good sort Emma Peasland who was writing her dissertation for the MSc Environmental Management course at Sheffield Hallam University. She got a pretty impressive response and lots of people attended her thought-provoking workshops.

It also generated her a huge amount information which she had the pleasure of ploughing through while the rest of us were enjoying festive rides and ploughing through turkey and christmas pudding!

But now the work is all done and she has more time to ride her bike, bask in the glory of a job well done (It got a very good mark!) and also give us a chance to see her findings. So in here it is in her own words…… Continue reading

Oh what a tangled web….

I’d been planning to pen a few words about the dangers of the worldwide web but, wouldn’t you know it, fate has stepped in to make it a necessity.  I recently posted a whimsical little piece on Ride Sheffield which gently poked fun at some of our hard-pressed public servants yet carried what I thought was a serious message.  My mistake was to forget that something written in the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea at your elbow looks different through the weird filter of the internet.  I was soon receiving emails from seriously unamused officialdom who had simply been doing their best in difficult circumstances.

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SHAFF this weekend!! Bike films galore….

Get yourselves down to the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival this weekend for a feast of top class bike films.  There are blockbusters like Where The Trail Ends and Strength in Numbers, shorts that are guaranteed to please all tastes such as the excellent Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party, Rockville, a celebration of a quirky cyclocross race in Italy and the, frankly, incredibly controversial Line of Sight, a frantic celebration of illegal road racing in the States that contains some of the most outrageously gung-ho dialogue I’ve heard since Rocky 1,2 and 3.

If you’re a climber, surfer or kayaker, then there’s more to go at including the stunning Wide Boyz celebration of Brits taking on and beating America’s toughest crack climbs, the engaging Endless Winter, an elegy to British surfing and many more.  The festival has contributed to the Ride Sheffield trail fund so put your hands in your pockets and support this growing Sheffield institution!

Riding along on a trail made for two….

Mountain bikers have a problem, an image problem.  While we see ourselves as a bunch of fun-loving free spirits, much of the rest of the outdoor community see us as gung-ho idiots who aren’t happy unless we’re mowing down senior citizens.  Now, some of you might not give a rat’s arse about having an image problem, but it’s fair to say that coming across as Attila the Hun on two wheels means that in the future we’ll have less trails to ride, not more.  Confused?  I’ll explain. Continue reading