Fox Hagg Public Enquiry Result

In September 2009 Sheffield City Council (SCC) gave a notice that they wished to close 2 of the 3 bridleways which run across the Fox Hagg nature reserve near Lodge Moor. These plans were objected to by a number of different groups, so the proposal was taken to public enquiry, with Ride Sheffield putting in a combined objection with the CTC and the CPRE. Continue reading

Please be nice in Greno Woods (or anywhere for that matter!)

We got a bit of a troubling email sent over this morning from Sheffield Wildlife Trust with regards to Greno Woods.

There have been a couple of structures built in the woods recently that they are not too happy with; as they are rather poorly built and have been put in without permission. While this is a bit of an issue; a bigger problem is that mountain biker this weekend got into a bit of a heated discussion with a local rambler who was dismantling one of the structures. So heated was the debate in the woods and later on; the walker felt threatened enough to contact the police with regards to the matter. Continue reading

Winter Social and Quiz – Update

Steve Peat joined around 100 Sheffield riders last night to discuss the latest developments to trails in and around the city.

 The meeting, hosted by Ride Sheffield, gave the local riding community an update on developments including news of various new XC loops, pump tracks and trails access, but perhaps more excitingly; a lift assisted downhill run based at the city’s ski slope.

 “This kind of thing is massive for Sheffield,” said former World Champion Peat. “I’ve been riding for a long time in Sheffield in the Peak and up in Wharncliffe and Greno woods, but things have never been this tightly organised, Continue reading

Winter social and quiz

It’s that time of year again where we like to get everyone together and let them know what we have been up to since the last social and tell you what is going on with Mountain Biking in Sheffield and what is going to be planned for the coming year. It is also a good chance to let us know what you would like us to be doing too. Continue reading

From the Inside Out – Screening and Competition

Dates have been announced for the UK cinema tour of “From the Inside Out”, the eagerly awaited collaboration Anthill Films (the guys behind The Collective series of films) and The Coastal Crew.

Drawing inspiration from many previous films, riders and locations, with some of the locations now their backyard and the riders firm friends, “From the Inside Out” chronicles these riders journey to the locations they’ve always wanted to ride and expresses the lines and styles which have influenced them over the years. Continue reading

Devil’s Elbow – Dig Day 2.0

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to work we go……
A Saturday morning in October and four mountain bikers are in their natural environment, Blackamoor’s superb Devil’s Elbow, doing the most unnatural things.  Nothing illegal mind, it’s just that where they’d normally be heading downhill, for once they’re reduced to labouring uphill pushing a wheelbarrow, a downright evil way to spend a sunny Saturday. Continue reading

Heads Up!

Just a quick heads up (literally in some cases) but we have been getting reports of trails being purposfully obstructed. A couple of the tracks in Greno have had things put across them, as well as the Lockerbrook Bridleway too. Also heard of a couple more rumours too.
So just be aware there might be a surprise waiting round the corner for you! If you do see anything, move it if you can but also let us know so we can pass on the info to the landowners, ROW team etc

Riding along on a trail made for two…

Mountain bikers have a problem, an image problem. While we see ourselves as a bunch of fun-loving free spirits, much of the rest of the outdoor community see us as gung-ho idiots who aren’t happy unless we’re mowing down senior citizens. Now, some of you might not give a monkey’s about having an image problem, but it’s fair to say that coming across as Attila the Hun on two wheels means that in the future we’ll have less trails to ride, not more. Confused? I’ll explain.

Continue reading