November Trail Day – Blacka

Blacka has always been a bit of a November favourite for us, it’s always good to get the trails ready for the winter so they give us some more sustainable riding in the winter and come out looking and riding sweetly in the spring.

Our volunteers have been out on a few midweek sessions recently (give us an email if you fancy being part of the midweek crew), but there’s still lots to do up there.

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Trail Days – Autumn/Winter

cannings 2With this seasons fashions starting off with an attractive golden orangey brown look, eventually letting the browns, blacks and greys have their moment in (out) of the sun. So we thought it was probably best that we re commence with our trail days to make sure that the trail keep running sweetly and as sustainably as possible.

We will post up full information on each of the trail days as they come around. But for now here are the dates for your diary….. Continue reading

June’s Trail Day – Blacka

2011 Oct 01 014editThis month for our trail day we will be teaming up with Sheffield Wildlife Trust to help with some of their work on Blacka.

We may also have a couple of impromptu evening trails sessions, which we will post up on the Facebook.

Full details below….

The next volunteer work day is on Saturday 4th June and we will be installing some of the new Finger and Waymarker posts and carrying out some maintenance work on the cross drains on the Bridleway going down to Strawberry Lee Lane car park.

We will bring gloves, tools and refreshments as usual but please remember to wear rough clothes, sturdy footwear and bring waterproofs, sun cream, lunch and water. I’ve haven’t spotted any midges yet but you might want to bring some repellent just in case.

I will be running the session so please can you meet me at in the usual place, Stony Ridge Car Park car park (SK 29581 80251) at 10am. Please ring me on 07964745451 if you arrive after 10am and need to find me.

Thanks Hannah

Please not that we will not be providing lunch for this one. But please email us if you attend so we can update the incentive  scheme, as a lot of people have been to quite a few days so far!



January Trail Day

P1000024With the wettest month on record now behind us, we thought it would be good to get out and give the trails a little tlc. Our work this month is pretty much dictated by the weather, as we are wing for the ground to settle before the contractors can neater up the work in Greno and in Lady Cannings we are waiting for the water table to drop as well as the new start to be constructed. So we will see work up at Greno in the next couple of months. Continue reading

Staying on the right track

While the debate of where you should be able to ride will continue to rage; there is no escaping the fact that if you want to stay on the right side of the law there are specific rights of way where we can and can’t go.

This isn’t going to be a lecture on where you should be riding, but we have had a request from the Wildlife Trust asking for riders to stay of a particular footpath on Blacka Moor and stick to the bridleways around Wimble Holme Hill Continue reading

Digging the Devil 2.0

Here are the rescheduled plans for the work on the bottom of the Devils Elbow. We are planning to be out digging quite a bit this year, with this and the work on Wimble Holme Hill and very shortly up to Greno to finish off the work up there. But for now the Devils Elbow…

If you are a regular down the Devils Elbow, you might have noticed that a couple of holes have appeared. It was always going to be hard for the original work to cover all the right bits, so we are going to help out with a bit of remedial work Continue reading

Blacka Planned Maintainance – Piper House Gate

The work that is planned for Piper House Gate Bridleway will be starting this Thursday. We have been asked to tell people to stay off it while the work is being done, particularly on a night.
We have been told that the work being done will be much more sensitive than other council jobs, more akin to the other work that has been done on Blacka. We will also be heading up there to help with a bit of finishing if required. Any feedback after completion is welcome, but just keep off it for now, thanks.

Blacka Moor – Planned Maintainence

Some have you might have already seen these signs going up on Blacka in the past few days. So it seemed best to give a bit more detail on what is planned.

Blacka is a favourite spot for many Sheffield mountain Bikers and quite rightly so, it offers some fantastic riding right on the doorstep and some may say a couple of the best trails in the Peak. So it was with a little concern that we heard about the planned work. Continue reading