Wimble Holme Hill Dig Day Details

The next dig day on Wimble Holme Hill will take place on Sunday Feb 3rd.  We’re meeting at Stoney Ridge car park at 10am: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=206008473308135420983.0004cfef0043aabe5a03e&msa=0

Should be a good day as we’re adding technical interest for mountain bikers.  The Eastern Moors Partnership have bent over backwards to accomodate the MB community so wielding a shovel is a great way of repaying their exemplary attitude.

Big Stone (http://www.bigstone.co.uk/) will once again be providing lunch and the Eastern Moors gang always bring the tea urn.

Blackamoor Permissive Bridleway

The Blackamoor bridleway that runs down from the Stoney Ridge car park parallel with the Hathersage Road has been the subject of a winter closure for horses and cycles for the last two years.  Although the winter ban was a vital experiment, in many ways it has proved to be a blunt instrument that has at times verged on illogical. For example, during March when the trail was bone dry, we were prevented from riding on it.  Now, with the April showers in full swing, we are able to ride it again even though it’s a bog.  Having monitored the situation, the Sheffield Wildlife Trust and the Sheffield Rights of Way Team have noticed the inconsistency and decided to trial all year round use as from next winter. Continue reading

Fox Hagg – Update

After the success at the public enquiry in preventing the downgrades of the Bridleway’s on Fox Hagg, we received an update from the Rights of Way team today informing us that the rest of the route running from the stream crossing on Fox Hagg all the way down to Rivelin Reservoir has been upgraded to full Bridleway. Continue reading