Digging Dates for your Diary

547053_255934957830842_100002430187541_553432_1742469406_nIn the past we have been a bit short notice on our digging days, so from now on we will try to get dates in on a quarterly basis.

We also want to be clear on what we do too. So if you seen that we are doing a Dig Day, that means we are working on bike specific trails. That will often mean more technical work and are a good way to learn your craft in trail work. These will usually be on the second saturday of the month. If we are doing a Trail Day that means we will be working on rights of way. This work may be done solely by ourselves or in partnership with the Wildlife Trust, Eastern Moors Partnership, SCC etc. Continue reading

Good Things In Greno

Greno3Bike Track and Aline Coaching have been working hard in Greno all week and will be up there doing the same next week too. It’s all looking amazing, so we thought we would give you a sneak peek of what has been done so far.

But most importantly is that the work may look finished, but it is all a little soft and needs bedding properly before we ride it. Not only that but some trails are totally unfinished and you may find big holes, soft ground, big diggers and people wielding chainsaws where you would not normally expect to find them. So for your safety please give Greno a miss for the next couple of weeks. We will post up when it’s all clear to go and flow your way through these rad trails Continue reading

Greno Works – Keep an eye out and stay off the new cut please

Hard at it on the heath section of the Steel City Run

Hard at it on the heath section of the Steel City Run

With funds raised from this years Steel City Downhill, Ride Sheffield has been working with Biketracks and the land owners Sheffield Wildlife Trust on the next phase of works at Greno Woods.

It starts Monday 9th September for about 2 weeks. If we could ask you guys to be patient during the trail building and let your mates know as well. Please:

– Don’t ride near the diggers
– Don’t ride fresh cut trails Continue reading

Motocrosser’s in Greno

Thanks to the hard work by the Wildlife Trust, biketrack.org and all of the volunteers who have being going up every month to work on the track; Greno Woods circuit edges nearer and nearer to completion. With a bit more work to be carried out on the third DH, a link to be added in by the Wildlife Trust, a bit of a tidy and then the signs will be going up. Continue reading