October Trail Day: Parkwood

Parkwood is a perennial winter favourite, some may say its even better in the winter than the summer. Whatever your opinion is, it still need a bit of love from time to time. Our friends Bike Track are going to be heading up to the trail to give it a little bit of professional TLC, but to make their life a bit easier and so they can get more of the good stuff, we are going to do a little prep for them on the 12th of October in the from 1pm onward.

We need to do a bit of vegetation clearing as well as a bit of prep work on the trail surface as well as a little bit of a litter pick too.

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Nutcracker Altura XC Race at Parkwood Springs

nutThe Nutcracker team have been bringing their excellent brand of xc racing to Parkwood Springs for the past 3 years; and their forth visit is just round the corner, next Sunday the 26th of June

it is an excellent race series, with the organisers managing  the difficult task of making races that are fun and entertaining for all racers, pleasing beginners and elite athletes alike.

If you haven’t  raced before, its a great change to give it a try in a familiar place and on a fun course, if not chances are you will know someone racing so why not come along and encourage/heckle them around the course (it is particularly spectator friendly, with good access points meaning you can see a lot of different spots per lap) Continue reading

Parkwood Pud – Trail Day Saturday 14th December

ParkwoodThis coming Saturday the 14th of December we are going to be heading up to Parkwood Springs MTB circuit to give it a bit of an early Christmas present!

Bike Track are going to  be carrying out some routine maintainance over the next few weeks, so we don’t need to concern ourselves with the actual track itself. But we are going to do our best to give the site a good tidy up and along with the ranger service, we will also be helping plan some trees too. Continue reading

Digging Dates for your Diary

547053_255934957830842_100002430187541_553432_1742469406_nIn the past we have been a bit short notice on our digging days, so from now on we will try to get dates in on a quarterly basis.

We also want to be clear on what we do too. So if you seen that we are doing a Dig Day, that means we are working on bike specific trails. That will often mean more technical work and are a good way to learn your craft in trail work. These will usually be on the second saturday of the month. If we are doing a Trail Day that means we will be working on rights of way. This work may be done solely by ourselves or in partnership with the Wildlife Trust, Eastern Moors Partnership, SCC etc. Continue reading

Parkwood is Open!

After over five years of hard work by Jon Dallow, the city council, Dan Cook etc; that culminated in a couple of months of hard digging by biketrack.org that was then followed by a couple of months of checking the trail, filling out paperwork, putting up signs, more paperwork, carefully explaining why it’s not open yet, completing risk assessments and jumping through a few more hoops……… Parkwood Springs MTB circuit is now officially open! Continue reading